How to Meet Girls After College? (2023 Guide)

So, you want to meet girls, but you are out of college, and it is a good chance your colleagues at work are not sorta- ‘your type,’ or maybe you just want to keep your professional and personal life distinct and autonomous.

How To Get Girls After College

Well. it gets hard, and we know it, so we tried to develop this article to suit a little help to our fellow readers online. Read this article, on ‘How To Get Girls After College,’ as a go-get-her bible, because here we have picked up the most crucial elements of dating in your 30s. However, it is amazing that you have willed on to at least look up for it. And so, let’s muster along to reveal the recipe once and for all.

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How to Meet Girls After College?

Finding Girls (possible romantic partners) after college isn’t a hard concept. Although it sure becomes less direct than in school life or college. How? In college, you are around so many people within a confined space, and people are looking at you, believe it or not. You wouldn’t know, and possibly many potential fairy tales just die up like this during school or college.

It’s always a likelihood that someone, even from your own football team, knows a girl who is crazy about you but won’t ever let you believe it because they are jealous of the fact. So, yes, getting a proposal upright is less likely once you are out of college. However, the story is not the same for everyone, as some do find their potential partners at their workplace. Read on this work by GirlsAskGuys on where do men meet girls after college. 

Positive Sides of Post-College Dating Life

Has there been a coin with just the tail? Nein isn’t it! So, there is a brighter side to dating life post-school as well. In school, maybe it is easy to find a romantic interest, but what else comes along? Backbiters and haters. She said this, and he said that. They were sitting there; no wonder they were doing it. It kind of damages your reputation and ultimately makes it suffocating to not be able to live a life of love around that much negativity.

Positive Side of Post-College Dating Life

Plus, while in college or school, your parents and teachers have different expectations from you, which could make it hurtful to come up to them or maybe do anything which might feel provocative. After college, parents expect you to form relations. So the scenario changes completely, and if you date, you wouldn’t have to sneak so much. 

What Should I Do to Keep Myself in the Game?

Develop a Social Habit

Having a certain habit makes us look more defined. The habit, if social, makes them connect us with that place or deed. This shouldn’t be done out of the aim just to get ‘girls.’ When you do something out of self-love or leisure, it gives out the vibes of a soulful ‘personality.’ Moreover, when you have a scheduled presence at someplace, your chances of being noticed by someone who matches your type, increases. You can meet more people of your type, and in turn, they might know someone who is perfect for you and in desire. 

Go Out Alone

Going out alone is a sign of ‘self-love.’ When you are comfortable with yourself, you come out as more desirable and less desperate. If one thing girls avoid is true, it is a desperate man. There is a difference between ambitious and desperate. You would never know by yourself what your negative traits are unless you spend some time with yourself. Besides, when you are alone, you look more approachable than someone with mates discussing the mystery rap battle of Trump and Melania. Now we are not saying that avoid your mates but do give yourself proper time. You can go cycling or just roam around experiencing new food in the street. 

Be More Comfortable With Rejections

Edison made his bulb in his tenth thousand attempts. Now, who are we to expect our very first bulb of the proposal to shine bright. It can, and maybe it will, in your case. But in case it does not, we don’t want you sitting up consuming falafel and watching ‘Young Sheldon,’ just to feel a little bit okay. Brush it off, please, and get out good. The next or the next to the next could be your one. Also, when you do something five times, you feel. 

Stop Judging Your Friends Partners

People tend to form a notion about you if you are always passing comments on someone’s partner or maybe on their choice. This makes you appear sketchy, and people tend to like you less because you are mandating their personal affections. To stay in the good books, always try not to judge and accept your friend’s choice of partner. It’s not anyone’s business, after all, so it should not be yours as well. 

Don’t Be the Nicest Guy in the Room.

The worst mistake guys make is that they try to appear either like the nastiest soul in the world or the nicest person in the room. The latter is a blunder unless one is a eunuch and has absolutely no intentions of wooing a maid. If you are a chap, know that you have the hormones, and no matter how strenuously you try to quell your inner brute, everyone in the room knows. In our terms, we call it ‘pretentious ass’ so unless you want for yourself that name. Be yourself- humane, not nice. Nice guys end up single. The nicest guys are always single. 

Stop Taking Advice from Your Boys

You would want to have a Yoda by your side, the one who is a love-guru, but you choose who- your roommate? Are we clear yet?  Your boys are just as pretentious as you are in matters of love—someone early, someone late. Maybe one of them is killing his game, and the other is rocking the drums each night, but that doesn’t make him the one to seek advice from. It’s opportune and learned, and it cant be advised only rehearsed, instinctively. 

Develop Healthy Flirtation Attitude

What’s not making you perfect is only your need to appear perfect. Generally, we’d tell a client nothing more, but here we choose to elaborate. Flirtation is the essence, and even plants do it. Don’t let your brain fool you that it is a bad thing to do, well, unless you can get bone-broken. The thing with healthy flirtation is that you let the lady want for more, and not in a way. Healthy Flirtation Attitude is an art of serving yourself but in balance, leaving their tongue to slither with time (metaphorically). When you flirt healthily, you want nothing in return, and you just want to sprinkle the musk of fascination that ladies absolutely love. 

Be Active on Social Media

We generally get so much worked up after college, and really there is a lot on the plate, honestly. Some of us just immediately become so strict on social media that we’d forget it’s important to get online twice in a while. You never know, on social media, what happens next. To stay in trend and have a few topics to stand with looks cool, updated gives off an impression of a contained but smart guy who manages to share his life’s moments. Plus, it would be best if you gave someone something to search you on. 

Use ‘innuendos,’ but as Humor Only.

Do not forget the value of good ‘sex.’ How can you make sex good when you don’t even have someone to have it with? Well, how will you ever get one when you never appear like the one who even knows what sex is. Some people just give off a vibe, where they appear like plain physiques who have no sexual advance. This line, if crossed, can either make you look creepy or ‘wanted.’ No, not wanted in the police; we are talking girls. The only possible way to maneuver this is to use ‘innuendos’ appropriately. This is the magic that some of us know, and some don’t. But guess what? It’s not so hard when you are genuinely humorous about it.

Start Caring More: Embrace Your ‘emotional Fool.’ 

We know that in high school, you have been called- ‘such a P’; believe me, we all have gone through it. It changes us, men. We become stone-hearted and show that there is nothing in this world we have to care for. But I don’t believe being born as a ‘man’ steals our right to be a human. Humanity is all about care. You can care for people, stuff, places, songs, relations, mental health, your finances. Your care should be widespread and should never be ashamed of, ever. Once you start embracing your ‘Emotional Fool; the world immediately becomes a better place to live in. Besides, when you start showing care, only those with an absolutely pure conscience would come and reach out to you. 

Don’t Hold Up Your Feelings | How to Man Up?

We are taught since the start how to stay tough, and this is not even a complaint, just a mere superscription. It’s good to stay tough and chain up your emotions because you are supposed to be the bearer. If of nothing else, then at least of your family. But, we generally miss out on a lot. And it is undeniable. We’d want to have many things in a child’s way, like a nap on the floor with just a Bermuda on but can’t. Look what I did- when I wanted to express something more genuine, I still covered it up with a funny advent. This happens all the time, and around the mid of our youth, all this holding up makes us a lot lonelier. 

Don’t Hold Up Your Feelings | How to Man Up?

So, here is a bit of advice since you came looking for it. Do you have someone in your mind? Do the thought of her make you feel wanting all day long? Does she make you feel good when she’s around? Do you feel like you are attracted to her? 

Write her a letter explaining your mind, and give it to her with a bouquet (ask her only to open it while she is alone). Now we know your letter is going to get opened infront of all the girl gang, and you would be made fun of. But deep down, you are now a part of her life’s excitement. When you make a girl feel good about herself, it does not matter how she reacts immediately, but eventually, you have her heart. 

Remember, there is nothing in this world that can help par maturity. So if you are concerned about becoming a joke, you shouldn’t be. Why? Because- taking charge is a man’s attribute and opening up is a gentleman’s signature. You will do nothing wrong by telling her how she makes you feel, and now it is on her to secure her place in your life. 

How Can I Appear More Desirable in My 30s?

Age should never be a premonition that declares your state of desirability. That meter should always stay up. But yes, age ruins your mood, and everyone goes through it. We did a little research on guys just like you and us. We’d ask them a few questions about how to increase your game, and each interview went absolutely mind-bending. We have gathered below a few handpicked points that we felt are the absolute ‘bangers.’ Although this header deserves a separate full-fledged article, we will make sure we do. However, yet have a good look. 

  • Own a Pet
  • Prioritize Your Finances
  • Never Pause Grooming
  • Spend on Shoes
  • Hang Out With Colleagues, Even If You Have to Work Extra Later, Sometimes.
  • Never Let a Lady Make Crazy Assumptions About You.
  • Stay Clear of ‘rumors’: Own Your Story.
  • Practice Reverse Psychology: Focus on ‘just friends’ Rather Something Serious.

How to Get a Girlfriend Online? 

Getting a girl online is easy, but a girlfriend isn’t ready all online. Yes, there are a few apps that can lead you to find yourself a desiring person. But that’s it. It’s a learned fact that texts are the silent killers of ‘love.’ We’d never suggest forming a romantic decision all online.

How to Get a Girlfriend Online? 

You can meet people online, and Facebook dating is working well. Tinder is all of us almost in a sustainable race to grab while we can. So, at your age, after college, you are going to get a lot of girls online. This would lead but to a vacancy of meeting in real life, which, unless fulfilled, should not bear fruits of romance and must not be expected to, too. Meet, love, make love in real life because remember – the internet is written in ink. 

Is it Possible to Find Love After College? 

It is possible to find love after college. We mean, at any age, why just after college. Love is what else if not a mutual feeling. So, if feelings get ahead of time, time grants it that position. In school time, you’ve had your learnings, and now it’s time to pay heed to them. You have to realize that love can happen or made to happen before or after college up until you are genuine about it. It’s more responsibility than it is fun, and so if you proceed.

Is it Possible to Find Love After College? 

The ways of getting you the love of your life are immense, and we see no stop. You are living a unique and original life in all of the universes, and nothing decides the happenings, if not your actions. Make sure to stay original. Practice kindness, develop healthy flirtation, be more respectful to your own hormones and needs, focus on your development- social and economical and I see you waving hands at me with your lovely smiling partner with her arms around your chest. In ten years, is that your kid you guys are carrying? Hmm, you’ve made it soon. What’s the hurry anyways! 

; )


So, it seems like you are ready to rock. Dating in your 30s will be a lot more different than in your twenties. A lot of you become very conscious of your age graph when it comes to dating, but it is not like that. We tried our best to revive your speculation on post-college relations.

In this article on How To Meet Girls After College, you have walked through a lot of stuff, and we feel confident in your motivation. Furthermore, if you still feel like your personal story needs our attention, don’t forget to mention it to us in the comment box below. 

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